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install.ps1 firing behavior not clear in documentation


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Install.ps1 runs when a package is installed in a project.
◦If the same package is installed in multiple projects in a solution, the script runs each time the package is installed.
◦If a package is not installed into a project (such as the tools only package), the script runs when the package is installed into the solution.
◦The package must have files in the content or lib folder for Install.ps1 to run. Just having something in the tools folder will not kick this off.
◦If your package also has an init.ps1, install.ps1 runs after init.ps1.

It seems like lines 2 and 3 aren't self consistent. You have to have something in the content or lib folder for Install.ps1 to fire. But if you only hvae stuff in the tools folder then it will fire. The confusion may be caused by a misunderstanding of "tools only package", but I was not able to find a definition of that term anywhere else on that web page."